Life as a Barber in a Barbershop isn't all about undercut hairstyles, hair clippers and pomades. There's beer too.

My name is Dugulas and I have been a barber for 13 years, owning my own barbershop in Springfield, MO. My favorite mens haircut is the taper haircut as that's the best haircut for men without a doubt, in my humble barber's opinion. As for mens hairstyles, any of the classic hairstyles like the side part or slicked back will do, just not that damn undercut hairstyle! I retired from the barber profession and sold my barbershop. I moved on and had a different outlook on life. Money is fine and I am hungry for life, wanna join my quest?

Barbershop and Barber life

In 13 years I have cut a lot of gentlemen’s heads. From the young to the old, I have seen the mens hairstyle trends come and go. I could have started younger into the barber profession but I decided traveling around was more fun than spending 12 hours of my day on my feet buzzing with a hair clipper and asymmetrically cutting hair with shears that cost a fortune.

About the undercut hairstyle

Now I wasn’t too sure how to title this blog so I used some irony and include the undercut hairstyle in the title. It’s ironic because I have seen with my own eyes how the undercut hairstyle has taken over American towns like a virus. Yeah I do agree that the undercut hairstyle looks great in Jimmy Darmody or Marcel Nguyen but the undercut hairstyle isn’t the only haircut that a man can get, y’all know?

Slicked back hair undercut

I somehow convinced my barbershop clients to open up their eyes a little and consider other mens haircuts for their own benefit. I could simply cut an undercut in 12 minutes sharp and charge them 20 bucks but I would not be doing them a favor. All you need to look is around the web to see how the undercut hairstyle is praised by most website owners and pictures of the undercut flood the internet. There is even an official hairstyle website called Undercut Hairstyle which is the official website for the undercut hairstyle and which belongs to some barbers who decided that the undercut hairstyle would bring goodness to humanity… or something like that. I would argue that the undercut hairstyle has brought badness, quite the opposite to what that undercut hairstyle website preaches. The undercut hair style has been a kind of lobotomy though which men have only considered the undercut as a sign of coolness and hipster-ism — if that’s a word. The thing is that if every dude is wearing the same hairstyle or haircut, then you are only adding yourself to the pool of douches in your town.

You can style the undercut hairstyle in lots of ways but you ain’t going to have the same hairstyle of Jake Gillenhaal or look like Jimmy Darmody. Not in a million years so stop it y’all, will you? Full stop.

About the hair pomade

I grew up with the smell of pomade. The smell of pomade was everywhere as we lived one floor above my father’s barbershop. That black & white pomade which my father would always take a dab and style the client’s hair with. This was back when men were real men and the barbershop was a place to discuss manly topics and learn how to box. My grandfather also used the same black & white pomade. I am pretty sure that my great-grandfather did also use that pomade. Or perhaps one of those hair tonics that were so common in the thirties.

Suavecito pomade for combing the undercut hairstyle

About the beer in the barbershop

In MO you cannot sell alcohol unless you have an alcoholic beverages license. Actually it’s not only here but everywhere in the States. I think that’s a good thing but it didn’t stop us from having a beer everyday with our customers for the last period of the barbershop’s opening time. We would close at 8 in the evening and my dad would always bring us at 7:30 a case of bold Budweiser beers, one for each of our employees and I. In total we were 5 employees and we would also offer a bottle of beer for any of the barbershop customers who were up for drinking one.

budweiser beer

I am not an alcoholic although I have drunk as much alcohol in my life as I have cut mens hair. Springfield is a boring town and if you ain’t drinking beer, you are shooting meth so I choose the lesser of the evils. Everyday we would get one or two regular customers join us for a beer at 7:30. It was on the house and these customers would come daily to the barbershop for their daily straight razor shaving.

At 7:30 I would only take one customer as I don’t like to rush a haircut. I trust myself with a beer and barber shears although I am not so confident with a straight razor and a beer. Regardless all of our customers wanting a shave with a straight razor come into the shop in the early morning, so by 7:30 in the evening it was always someone wanting some hair trimming and re-shaping. I could do that even with a whole bottle of tequila on me.

I have tried to explain above a bit of how my title for my blog has gone. Undercut hairstyles, pomade and beer, lots of beer. That’s how a barbershop should be!

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