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I love my bikesI am a retired barber who owned a barbershop. I talk in the past tense but the barbershop life is still very much attached to my regular life. I come from a family of barbers although I started the barber profession at a late age as I took some time to travel around. I like to keep up with male fashion and all these little trends like the tedious undercut hairstylein my front post ROFL! I convinced most of the guys in Springfield to switch from the hipster undercut to a classic taper haircut with a side part and style with someĀ  black & white pomade. The hipster disease was spreading in my town and I wasn’t going to let that happen!

I’m an openly gay male, if you don’t like it, then GTFO of here. I want to have a blog to talk about lifestyle stuff, you know, how living as a gay male gets you weird looks and how gay men are brainwashed with all kinds of stereotypes.

I love bikes. I seriously love them. I’m a natural born rider. If it were for me, every male in the United States should drive a motorbike and not a car. Unlike with a car, driving a motorbike is a leisure activity and quite enjoying. It also teaches you responsibility, which I find is something utterly lacking in most US car drivers of today.

I love dogs. Life has taught me that a dog many times is a better companion than a human. I lost my dog Dingo some years ago. He was my dog, my guardian, my partner and my buddy. Never a dog touched my life like he did. Since then, I have avoided getting a new dog because I know that none will be able to outdo Dingo. I still love dogs though.

That is it about me. I will write about anything I feel like in this blog as I forget all about the rules of grammar and punctuation… after all this is just my little place to voice my thoughts anonymously. Or kinda anonymously, as you can get in contact with me if you are a biker and around the MO area.

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