Not all oil pomades suck…

By the way guys, I know I seem to come off as someone against oil pomades, but I must say that there are a couple of good ones around… The issue here is that most oil based pomades are shit. They use petrolatum in huge quantities which is what gives the greasy effect… The rockabilly dudes would be cool with… Read more →

Barber Ray with his Harley bike!

Here is my friend Ray with his Harley Davidson. That’s one hell of a bike, ladies and gentleman. He also owns a barbershop and is known for giving the best haircuts in town. What else can this man do? #BearPower Read more →

Pomades: oil pomades vs. water pomades

Ok I said I don’t want to talk too much about barbershop stuff…. but I have a fixation for pomades and I find men with slicked hair done with pomade very attractive…. Just that most guys don’t know how to use a pomade…. There are two types of pomades, oil pomades and water pomades. Oil pomades These are the old… Read more →

A self introspective look into life

After Dingo (my dog) died in June 2000, I continued to focus on my 3rd relationship but soon after I realized that the dreams and goals I had were not shared with my former partner. I wanted to leave Austin but I also had my extended family that I had bonded very deeply too, particularly my Godson, Aaron. Deep down… Read more →

Owning a motorbike is about a feeling, no posers

A Honda magna 750 eh??? I have owned four hondas ( ’71 and ’77 750Fours and ’77 and ’82 GoldWings) and one ’93 suzuki katana (that was my 0 to 160 blaster I would race at Del Valle Speedway). Now its just the 77 750 which is in excellent shape – right now it is garaged (Jan 2002) and having… Read more →