Not all oil pomades suck…

By the way guys, I know I seem to come off as someone against oil pomades, but I must say that there are a couple of good ones around… The issue here is that most oil based pomades are shit. They use petrolatum in huge quantities which is what gives the greasy effect… The rockabilly dudes would be cool with the petrolatum full pomades, but this type of pomade just doesn’t cut it these days…

I will however give credit where credit is due and say that the Pluko pomade known as Black & White is one awesome pomade. Sure it does have petrolatum, but it has the right amount and it does also give the right sheen and slick… It’s the perfect pomade for the vintage pompadour hairstyles of the rockers and bikers of the fifties!

I myself am using the Pluko pomade and despite I favor the water pomades, I love this oil pomade.

black and white pomade

  2 comments for “Not all oil pomades suck…

  1. Kevin
    January 12, 2015 at 4:29 am

    I pretty much think you’re spot on with the oil pomades and your views on it. As hipster as it may be, the water pomades are way better than oil pomades. IMO oil pomades have been stuck in terms of product variety from as far as the eighties, there really hasn’t been any progress in the product or alternatives to the disgusting petrolatum in oil pomades. Seriously?

    Water pomades are generally cheaper by now compared to oil pomades. Lots of hipsters and posers – LOL love that comment you posted about bikers – use water pomades but IME they’re the better mens hairstyle product.

    Cheers to you mate.


  2. Kevin
    January 12, 2015 at 4:31 am

    Sorry forgot to say I’m a biker too. Just on the other side of the pond! Cheers.

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