Owning a motorbike is about a feeling, no posers

A Honda magna 750 eh??? I have owned four hondas ( ’71 and ’77 750Fours and ’77 and ’82 GoldWings) and one ’93 suzuki katana (that was my 0 to 160 blaster I would race at Del Valle Speedway). Now its just the 77 750 which is in excellent shape – right now it is garaged (Jan 2002) and having the steering column redone along with some other front end stuff – I tend to treat my bikes like I treat myself – with great care and respect, most often taking better care of my bike than myself…..Over the last 30some years I have put many miles on my bikes, never owning anything but motorcycles and use them 24/7/365. It’s been my life and we are a dying breed. …..Too many gay men tend to look at us differently though at times and we are supposed to have some sort of “image” to keep – I said fuck that image thing years ago……

My bike

I know exactly what I want and desire and have no problems expressing myself these days, after much soul searching and inner healing….. many of the gay men I spoken with have this misconception as to how bikers are supposed to be (without feelings, rough, very sexual, mean…you know what I am talking about)…..when I open my heart and soul to them it blows that image thing away and then these guys are not interested…..their loss, not mine!

Another beautiful shot

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