Pomades: oil pomades vs. water pomades

Ok I said I don’t want to talk too much about barbershop stuff…. but I have a fixation for pomades and I find men with slicked hair done with pomade very attractive…. Just that most guys don’t know how to use a pomade….

There are two types of pomades, oil pomades and water pomades.

Oil pomades

These are the old pomades…. you probably saw your father or grandfather use an oil pomade as they were very popular in the sixties and seventies…. they smell like old men and similar to Old Spice…. oil pomades are based in an oil solution….

Water pomades

These are the newer pomades…. the pomades that hipster use because they fear getting thier hair too greasy…. you can usually tell who is usually using a water pomade because he will be dressed like a hipster and have that awful and unattractive hipster beard…. there are one or two good water pomades but if you are looking to grease up and rock a pompadour then get an oil pomade…. water pomades are based in a water solution and not an oil solution…

The difference between an oil pomade and a water pomade is what gets most guys…… I think that part of the attractiveness of a man with a slicked hairstyle is the high sheen and hold of an oil pomade…. water pomades can’t do that… so better leave the water pomades for the hipsters and leave the oil pomades for the real men lol

  1 comment for “Pomades: oil pomades vs. water pomades

  1. Charles
    January 2, 2015 at 10:36 am

    I love water pomades, they are so much better than those oil pomades for the undercut hairstyle. Slicking hair with water pomade is just as good as with oil pomades anyway. G;ad to see a barber talk about water pomades vs. oil-based pomades!


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